Adolescent Therapy Services

Oaks Counseling Associates is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for adolescents 13 and up navigating the challenges of life’s developmental stages.

Focused Support for Adolescents:

Adolescents and their families face a variety of issues that adolescents and their families might face, such as anxiety, depression, anger, and challenges in peer and family relationships. We acknowledge that every child develops differently, and our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages communication and positive growth.

Identifying Symptoms and Family-Based Solutions:

Our therapists specialize in identifying symptoms linked to developmental challenges and life events, both big and small. We are adept at addressing the complexities faced by today’s teens, including school-related stress and navigating home dynamics, as well as managing the impacts of major life events such as divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Drawing on a solution-focused, family-centered approach, we help create strategies that empower adolescents – in collaboration with their parents – to overcome challenges and develop adaptive skills. In other words, we want to help them find the resilience, or grit, to respond to life’s changes.

Collaborative Expertise:

At Oaks Counseling Associates, collaboration is at the core of our practice. The therapists at OCA bring extensive experience and a holistic approach to adolescent mental health.

Areas of focus include:

  • Changing Family Dynamics – divorce, blended family
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Sexual/Gender Identity
  • School pressures – academic, extracurricular, social
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Grief – loss of parent, sibling, loved one, pet, friend
  • Adjustment issues
  • Managing romantic/friend relationships
  • Family routines/balance
  • Electronic reliance


Chelsea Koutroulis
Chelsea KoutroulisLicensed Professional Counselor Associate, CST-Candidate
Jenny Saladino Bradley M.S
Jenny Saladino Bradley M.SLicensed Professional Counselor – Associate