Financial Therapy, Coaching, and Case Consultation

With over two decades of financial industry experience, Jonathan Kolmetz stands out as one of the few professionals dually licensed in financial planning and therapy. Jonathan is involved in actively coaching and assisting individuals and couples in developing the skills and tools needed to understand the connection between money, personal well-being, and relationships. An active contributor to the Financial Therapy Association, Jonathan provides coaching and case consultation services to financial planners and therapists, both in the US and abroad.

Services Offered

For mental health professionals

1. Financial Therapy Consulting

Jonathan is committed to supporting therapists in the integration of financial therapy into their practices. Drawing from his extensive experience, Jonathan offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, facilitating skill development tailored to the unique needs of therapists. Additionally, he assists in strategic planning and provides marketing support, empowering therapists to navigate the complexities of financial therapy with confidence and success.

For financial professionals

2. Financial Coaching

Jonathan brings a unique blend of financial and therapy expertise. If you are a financial professional seeking to integrate therapeutic approaches, Jonathan’s coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs. By leveraging his comprehensive background, Jonathan guides professionals in navigating nuanced conversations about finances, emotions, and relationships, ultimately fostering greater effectiveness in client interactions.

3. Case Consultation

Jonathan’s expertise extends to working in partnership with a team, particularly when financial planners are primarily focused on managing their client relationship. In cases where their clients require more comprehensive financial therapy, Jonathan offers case consultation services to financial professionals. By collaborating with these clients, he helps them navigate complex financial and personal issues, making the journey more manageable.

4. Speaking/Training

With a focus on providing valuable content for therapists and financial professionals, Jonathan is available for speaking engagements and group training. Life transitions, encompassing significant events like birth, death, marriage, and divorce, along with the challenges of substance abuse, can intricately influence a person’s relationships with money. Tailored to the unique requirements of each audience, Jonathan’s sessions cover a wide array of topics, whether addressing the needs of the clients or the professionals who serve them.

Reach out today to explore how these services can benefit you, your practice, or your clients. With a rich background in both financial planning and therapy, Jonathan offers a unique perspective that can transform the way you think about money and its impact on personal lives.

Jonathan Kolmetz MBA, MS
Jonathan Kolmetz MBA, MSLicensed Professional Counselor Associate